At we strive to bring you the largest selection of beautiful surfing trophies and awards anywhere!  We design and manufacture all of our pieces at our central U.S. location. Every year, thousands of our pieces are sent throughout the U.S. and hundreds more globally.

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"We got the trophies and they look GREAT! Thank you - yet again, a job very well done." A.W., Bermuda

Colored Acrylic Surfboards

" enormous thank you for the trophy, it is absolutely perfect. I will be presenting the trophy (in my husband's honour) and I must say that you have really done him proud. Again a very big thank you." J.R., England

Our Facility
The laser room at Central Plasticworks
"We got'em. They are AWESOME!!!! Your company has done a wonderful job, we're very pleased. Thank you so much." L.M., Orlando, FL

Gallery 3 - Acrylic Surfboard Trophies

Acrylic surfboard base close-up Our acrylic surfboard awards are created in nearly any size and color.  We can shape them as longboards, shortboards, wakeboards, or even custom shaped.

We can create the surfboards in three ways:

1) Clear acrylic with sprayed color on the back surface, lasered front surface.
2) Laser-cut 1/4" thick acrylic, heat bent bottom edge to form a base, lasering on front surface.
3) Hand shaped from a solid block of acrylic, sanded and polished. Usually transparent and mounted to a base.

The acrylic surfboards pictured below are examples of our work.  All pricing shown includes laser engraving of text/logos/images.  A complete pricelist is at the bottom of the page.  If you need something a little different, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

8"L Surfboard Award, stand and lasering included, $15.95

13"L Surfboard, color-filled lasering, $45.95

18"H Shaped Transparent Blue/Clear Acrylic Surfboards, Approx. $300.00. Many smaller sizes available starting at $75.00.

13"L Surfboard with color-filled lasering, includes stand, $45.95. Available in almost any color! Please see pricing & sizes below.

12"H Surfboard Award, Black Oval Base, $100.00

Jade Acrylic Surfboard Award
Pricing starts at $75.00

Blue/Clear Longboard Award
Pricing starts at $75.00

8"L Heat-Bent Surfboard Trophies, 1/4" thick acrylic, $12.50 each.  Several colors of acrylic & sizes to choose from!

8"L Heat-Bent Shortboards, $12.50.  Longboards Available!

Custom 12"H Wakesurf Trophy, approx. $95.00.

The pricing & sizing shown below is for the awards we create most often.  If you need a different size, just ask, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Pricing includes all needed lasering & personalization!

3/8" thick acrylic surfboard, painted backside, vinyl coating over the paint to protect it,
lasering on front surface, stand included, longboard or shortboard style, single fin.  Available in almost any color.

8"L (Item #301-118), $15.95
9"L (Item #301-119), $20.95
10"L (Item #301-120), $25.95
11"L (Item #301-121), $31.95
12"L (Item #301-122), $38.95
13"L (Item #301-123), $45.95
14"L (Item #301-124), $54.95

Heat-Bent Surfboards, 1/4" thick acrylic, laser-cut and heat-bent to stand up, lasering on front surface,
longboard or shortboard, single fin.  Available in blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, jade (bottle green), black, white and clear.  Lasering can either be color-filled or left white, depending upon color of acrylic.

8"L (Item #301-108), $12.50
9"L (Item #301-109), $16.50
10"L (Item #301-110), $20.50
11"L (Item #301-111), $25.00
12"L (Item #301-112), $30.50
13"L (Item #301-113), $36.00
14"L (Item #301-114), $43.50

Hand-Shaped Acrylic Longboard or Shortboard, solid acrylic (blue, clear/blue, or jade), mounted to your choice
of acrylic base (oval, square, or round).  Heights of surfboards below do not include the added height of the base.

8"H (Item #301-308), $75.00
10"H (Item #301-310), $100.00
12"H (Item #301-312), $125.00
14"H (Item #301-314), $175.00
16"H (Item #301-316), $225.00
18"H (Item #301-318), $300.00